Give your fitness a boost with our new 8 week gym challenge

8-Week Challenge

What is the 8 Week Challenge?

Whether your goal is to take off those nagging extra kg’s, or finally feel good about yourself, this is the Challenge for you. It’s not a DIET, it’s a way of life. 56 days designed to teach you how to fuel your body, move more, look lean, live healthier and love it! Take The Challenge as a team or as an individual….there is something for everyone!

There are always times when we want to tone up or drop a few Kg’s quickly to get ready for something big. A trip. A special event. Summer and swimsuit season. An athletic event. And even if you don’t have something looming over you and you just want to change up your routine for a while, our 8-Week Challenge program has everything you need to get results.


Workout plans include the right mix of strength and cardio.

  • Strength training builds strong, toned muscles and torches calories. And, it’s really the only thing that can actually change the shape of your body. All of the routines require only dumb bells and an exercise mat so you don’t have to invest in a lot of expensive equipment and you can do them anywhere, any time—at home, outdoors, at the gym, or even in a hotel room if you’re traveling. I know your schedule is packed and you don’t have a ton of free time, so I kept them short and focused. It should take about 35-40 minutes to complete each strength workout. At OutFit24, we have the some of the bast equipment on the market as well as the right environment for you to train in.
  • Cardio torches even more calories and is a great active recovery from your strength days. You get to choose your favorite form of cardio on those days—hiking, jogging, the elliptical, PT, a Group Fitness class—whatever gets your heart rate pumping.


Food is 85% of your success when it comes to achieving your fitness and health goals. I’ll help you figure out what to eat and how much to eat to lose excess body fat. And, I’ve put together some simple resources to help take the guesswork out of healthy meals:

  • a complete shopping list
  • sample weekly meal plan
  • simple meal planning template, and
  • a ton of healthy recipes and snack ideas
  • a tip sheet with healthier choices at many chain restaurants and tips to to make ordering at restaurants easier


Losing weight and keeping it off is about more than just what you eat and how much you move. It’s also about lifestyle habits. You’ll learn about the common mistakes most of us make that sabotage weight-loss efforts and can actually harm our health–and how to avoid them.

Support, Motivation & Accountability

You don’t have to go it alone. Support, motivation and accountability are baked right in to the Challenge:

  • simple food/exercise journal to keep track of meals and exercise, sleep, water intake and mood. Study after study shows that women who keep food journals consistently lose more weight (and keep it off) than those who don’t because the data doesn’t lie. Everything you’re doing (or not doing) is right there.
  • A for-members-only Facebook group where you can share your successes and tips, confess your slip ups (trust me, we all have them and it’s not the end of the world), swap meal ideas and stay motivated by connecting with other Challenge participants. Plus, as a member, you’ll also get access to sweet bonuses available only through the group.
  • 1 PT Session per week to map out your goals, train like crazy to elevate your progress, share tips for success and answer your questions. I’ll also use this time to provide any support, motivation or gentle push you need.
  • A ton of great advice to help you make healthy choices and feel amazing.
  • For more information regarding our 8 or 12 week challenges, contact Lorenzo on 0432 010 011 or pop in to OutFit24 and lets have a chat…