Member success story: Jason shares his transformation story

I needed a reset! I was unhappy with my physical appearance, and my physical abilities. For me, my confidence is very much attached to how I look and feel. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I knew I could get my health and fitness back, I had to! I also wanted the same for my wife Sonia and our friend Simon who decided to join a local gym with me. So we went down to OutFit24 and got busy! The best decision i have ever made for my physical and mental health. It was different this time! After spending a bit of time with the Trainers and busting out 4 x 45 min sessions per week, chatting to my coach and allowing the inspiring words to motivate my frustration and light fire to my determination, I knew I was going to succeed. From that day forward, my mindset to finish never wavered. I had the blueprint, thanks to my program, so it became a simple mental attitude. I knew that treating the program like a competition would give me the mental edge to push through when things got tough, so I entered the Club competition, for twelve weeks I walked into the gym with a chip on my shoulder. Often, just before my workout, I would glance at my “before” picture for added motivation. The biggest inner transformation for me was realizing I could make a decision and remove all mental doubt that I would be true to that decision. There was a calming focus that came with truly making my mind up and committing. I was empowered by this. I achieved the best physical look as well as the confidence i never had and its all thanks to OutFit24 and also to my commitment. I employed a simple philosophy based on the guidance from the Club, the Members and the Pro Trainers:  there are things I do, and there are things I don’t do. Thank you OutFit24.

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